Times are tough.

Women are hit hard by the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 2.8 million women in Canada have lost their jobs or at least half of their usual work hours.

That’s one in three women workers in Canada.

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Women need our help

Here in British Columbia, retail workers, cleaners, travel and hospitality industry staff – these are just some of the areas that have been severely affected by layoffs and rollbacks. All are areas where women are a significant majority of the workforce.

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Helping Women Now provides

Helping Women Now is a support service designed to assist women to get the help they need now.

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One-on-one online or telephone guidance

to help clients navigate the new financial and employment supports offered by provincial and federal governments, with plain language and technical assistance in completing applications.

One-on-one career support

Clients can use their appointments to discuss their resume, cover letters, interview preparation, general career guidance, how to revamp your LinkedIn profile, or any other career related questions.

Online workshops

to support women in continuing employment searches, personal finances, health and well-being, and resiliency through change.

One-on-one peer support

helping to combat isolation and to get women connected to community programs for additional social, economic and health supports.

Virtual Dressing Services

to provide suitable clothing for interviews and jobs

Important social connection

during a difficult time of isolation.

We're Helping Women Now

Dress for Success is grateful that provincial and federal governments are coming through with crucial support programs.

But there can be a lot to navigate to get access to that support. Especially for women who don’t speak English as their first language… Or who have limited or no access to the internet.. Or who face any number of barriers to getting information or to making that application.

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