Women in your community need your support right now.

Compared with the same month last year, employment for women over 25 has decreased almost 3 times faster than for men in British Columbia.

These numbers speak to thousands of individual and family stories of hardship, struggle and real pain.

That’s why Dress for Success Vancouver has launched Helping Women Now.

And we need your help.


Donate to support women through Helping Women Now.

Local women urgently need to get help now to enable them to deal with financial hardships that are made so much worse by this pandemic.

We are helping women now…

  • By helping them access support programs and find employment…
  • By referring them to critical services like food banks and shelters…
  • By being a friendly and trusted voice during a time of stress and turmoil.


Please donate and enable this crucial work to continue.
Every donation counts – please consider giving whatever amount you can.

  • $30 allowed DFS Vancouver to get Jenny a smart phone with a prepaid SIM card so she could participate in a remote workshop on tips for finding employment.
  • $50 allowed Amandeep to connect with Penny at DFS Vancouver for kind and patient help to apply for government and other support. Penny walked her through the process from start to finish.
  • $100 pays for a week of the virtual platform that enables up to 225 clients, just like Amandeep and Jenny, to safely access DFS Vancouver employment and peer-support services.