Women in your community need your support right now.


The last two years have been the worst, on record, for the Canadian economy.

Economists and financial experts agree that in the last 16 months the goal of equal participation of women in the labour force has been set back over three decades.

So what does this mean in real numbers?

Thousands and thousands of individual and family stories of hardship and struggle. It also means a potential loss of $100 billion in economic output.

Dress for Success Vancouver is  Helping Women Now and working to build a more resilient economy for the future.

And we need your help.

Your donation will change lives.

Local women urgently need help to deal with financial hardships that are made so much worse by this pandemic. Together we can help them find and keep employment while rediscovering their power and confidence.

If you want to add extra impact to your gift, please consider making it monthly and becoming a Success Donor.